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Professional Year-Round Training at an Affordable Price

North Seattle Baseball Academy is bringing the benefits of professional, individualized training to a wider audience. Players will build their skills in a fun, low-pressure, learning environment. Individual instruction is the key to skills improvement, and our low player-to-coach ratios ensure players receive lots of individualized attention.

North Seattle Baseball Academy is a great stepping-stone toward select programs like the North Seattle Rainiers – we build younger players' skills without the high cost and commitment of select programs. Instruction is led by Graylin Derke, professional instructor and coach for the Rainiers select teams.


Ages 9–12 (Mustang & Bronco divisions)


NSB Batting Cages (map)

12550 27th Ave NE, Seattle WA 98125


Please see our registration page for upcoming session dates.

Sessions will be offered year-round in 6-to-8 week blocks. The current schedule will be expanded as demand and capacity allow.


Fall & Winter - weekly 1-hour skill-training sessions
Spring & Summer - longer scheduled clinics, please see the current schedule for details


Low player-to-instructor ratios are extremely valuable and therefore somewhat expensive, but we have done our best to make this program as affordable as possible. NSB is a non-profit organization and programs are run essentially at cost.

Scholarships are available!

If cost is a barrier to your participation please email to request financial assistance.


Register from our Available Programs Registration page.

If classes are full please join the waitlist by registering from the registration page.

If you would like to participate but our current schedule (or anything else) doesn’t work for you, please email to let us know so we can consider future improvements to this program.


Please check the FAQ below for answers to common questions, or email the program admin.


What if classes are sold-out?

Will different days be offered?

We’re starting conservatively and hope to add additional classes and days if demand and resources allow.  If classes are sold-out please register for the wait list of an upcoming session from the registration page

If our schedule doesn’t work for you, please let us know so we can consider scheduling classes on more days in the future.

What is the commitment?

Sessions will be between 6–8 weeks long. Since instruction is individualized players can start any time, take a session off if needed, and pick up where they left off. Registration priority will be given to currently enrolled players, but with that in mind it’s up to you.

Are there tryouts?

No, North Seattle Baseball Academy is open to all players 9–12 years of age regardless of skill level.

Why only 9–12 year olds?

One reason is to maintain a similar attention span and maturity level for the learning environment. The other reason is that we believe players in this age group are looking to prepare for higher levels of play but also need time and flexibility to participate in other sports and activities.

We may consider adding additional age groups in the future; please let us know if that is something you would be interested in.

Why training sessions instead of teams?

We want to offer a way for kids younger than 13 to participate in as many sports and activities as they want, to allow them to figure out which sport they really love before specializing, and avoid burnout on any single one. We created this program with the goal of instilling baseball skills in a fun, low-pressure, learning environment that leaves time for other sports and activities.

Players will have a team playing experience in our Spring season. For more team playing experiences, they can also try out for summer All-Star teams, and participate in the Fall Ball season.

What if I’m already playing on a select team?

You’re more than welcome to also participate in North Seattle Baseball Academy, or switch to our program if it feels like a better fit for you.

Who’s running this thing?

Instruction is led by Graylin Derke, professional instructor and coach for the North Seattle Rainiers select teams. The program is organized by North Seattle Baseball, a non-profit organization that runs this and other baseball programs in the North Seattle area.

What is North Seattle Baseball Academy’s goal?

Where does North Seattle Baseball Academy fit in my player’s progression?

North Seattle Baseball Academy was conceived as an alternative to select teams. Select programs have expanded to younger ages in recent years, but we decided to offer something different – a stepping-stone to higher-level play that builds excellent baseball skills while allowing kids more time for other sports and to just be kids.

Players can join NSB at any time, but a complete journey through NSB’s programs would look something like this:

- Shetland tee-ball, age 4-6
Pinto coach-pitch, age 7-8
Start in North Seattle Baseball Academy
- Mustang kid-pitch, age 9-10
Bronco kid-pitch baseball, age 11-12
Finish with North Seattle Baseball Academy

Decide whether to…
Try-out for a highschool and/or select team such as NSB’s Rainiers, or
Continue playing in NSB’s divisions for older players, up to 18U

Can I stay and watch the classes?

While the sessions are not closed to viewing, we think it's best for players to have as few distractions as possible.  You're more than welcome to occasionally see how the classes are run and what your player is doing, but please be considerate of the environment for all players and instructors.

Additional Questions? 

Email the North Seattle Baseball Academy Admin: [email protected]